We are now B Corp Pending

Tima Gros Tima Gros July 13, 2017

How to walk the talk

Becoming B Corp Pending, for impak Finance, means making a statement to the whole world, announcing that what we ask of other organizations in social, environmental, governance and transparency criteria, we also apply to ourselves, to impak Finance. We also owe B Lab a great deal for the design of our questionnaire, which we are putting in place for the selection of companies and organizations that will enter our impak.eco platform.

We carefully answered all 200 questions of the questionnaire, projecting ourselves 12 months forward. By doing so, we took note of all the good things we are already doing and established an action plan that will allow us to live our social and environmental values through all our actions. We set up working groups internally, and the whole team is involved and highly motivated! This approach helps us to stay the course by keeping our values in mind on a daily basis.

You can see how much our visions are aligned by reading the Declaration of Interdependence.

Would you like your organization to be a B Corp too?

Tima Gros
Chief Happiness Officer Tima Gros

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