Why the impak project, again ?

Stéphanie B.-M. Stéphanie B.-M. March 28, 2019

So many things to understand about our project, right?


We’ve been talking at length about our journey, the peculiar situation impak is facing these days and our impact qualification methodology, but is our project’s big picture crystal clear for the impak community? Why do we put so much energy in promoting our impact qualification methodology to investment funds? And what is impak’s main focus? The app? The impact qualification?

At this point, I would like to say, yes and no. impak is actually all that. Actually, what motivates and drives us in the decision-making process of our business from the very beginning lies in two simple, ambitious and unequivocal sentences.


Those two

We are building impak because we believe in a new economy, one that creates positive outcomes on the people and the planet. And more than that, we want to create a break with the current economy and commit ourselves to a maximisation of the collective well-being.


Quite clear isn’t it? We can overstate it. These two sentences are the source of our actions as well as our goals. And how will our jolly group of utopists (yep that’s us) succeed in this grand impact venture? Almost as simple as 1, 2, 3! We create easy-to-use, relevant and innovative tools that will allow everyone - citizens, traditional and impact businesses, investors and financial institutions - to participate in the development of this new economy.


Ok, that’s nice, but what do you mean by ‘’tools’’?

We’re mostly talking about 2 things here : responsible spending and tracking via the app and our dear impact qualification methodology. This qualification is at the very heart of our project. Yes, the very heart
To develop the impact economy, we must ensure businesses integrating our platform genuinely solve a social or environmental issue, and that’s where our qualification takes all of its importance. It’s the best way to make sure the impact economy grows without any greenwashing. It’s also a great way to measure that the positive impact of these businesses really aims to solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - the social and environmental issues identified by the UN that, if addressed correctly until 2030, will (quoting the UN) save the world (end of quote). We’re not the only utopists around I guess.


The impact qualification has the potential to become quite incredible

Our impact qualification qualifies the impact of businesses. Therefore, it allows investment funds - which alone represent a huge part of the economy and a big pile of cash too - to invest where their money will have the greater and more sustainable positive impact for people and the planet. This is precisely why all our (quite limited) team is focused on promoting our impact qualification methodology to CSR and impact investment funds. Comprende?


Let’s summarize


  1. An impact business is one who builds its raison d’être, its activities and strategies in order to solve a social or environmental issue. It doesn’t want to be only profitable, it offer products/services to make a difference. A potentially healthy planet with its potentially happy inhabitants is why the business is created in the first place.

  2. We, impak, exist to develop tools that allow impact businesses to shine at a large scale. We want citizens, institutions and investment funds to give priority to impact businesses.

  3. To ensure a business is truly of impact and aims at solving one of the 17 SDGs, impak developed a qualification that measures positive and negative impact and gives a impak Score. This allows global comparison between businesses, no matter the size or field of activities. Learn more about our famous impact qualification methodology here. Let’s not forget to mention that our methodology can also qualify the impact of businesses that have nothing to do with impact at all. They can then scale their impact and start adjusting their activities accordingly.

  4. Investment funds like CSR and impact are starting to invest massively in the newly born impact world. Thanks to our methodology, these funds are sure to find businesses that really make a difference. And, we’re not going to lie, they have so much more power and money than our small SMB. That’s why, these funds are considered a major stepping stone to power the impact economy at a large scale.


Every actor has to walk the talk of the impact economy to turn the ship around. It begins today, for a better tomorrow.



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