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Clara Leurent Clara Leurent June 10, 2019
Philippe Poirier was always interested in food: cooking, experimenting with recipes, tasting everything and testing new ingredients. Although it was a passion, no one ever thought he would one day leave his job at a local investment bank to start his own business with Paul Shenouda and Mathieu Poirier, his partners. It’s difficult not to develop an interest for entrepreneurship when you’re constantly advising entrepreneurs!

Bothered by issues surrounding the food system and its environmental impact, Philippe questioned insecurity, waste and, above all, food production sustainability. His conclusion? Humans are headed straight for a wall, and one of the best solutions to this problem also happens to be one of the most far-fetched: integrating insects into our daily diets. If, in 2018, we’re beginning to get used to the idea, in 2014, when Philippe and his partners launched their business, the concept was risky. So the team behind Wilder & Harrier decided to do what every entrepreneur does: test their business model on a smaller market. To observe consumer reactions, they entered the pet industry, dog ​​treats more specifically, and after a successful fundraising campaign, they finally presented their products: three cricket, algae and kale protein-based lines of canine treats.


The company not only works with microbreweries and local companies like Loop (to recycle fruit pulp), but also gets most of its ingredients from Quebec suppliers. The protein used in the company's products require little water, almost no space and produce little or no GHGs. Everything is designed to ensure a more sustainable food system, and to offer solutions to the industry. But it doesn’t stop there! The people at Wilder & Harrier, who describe themselves as environmental jedis, design their packaging with the utmost respect for the environment. They’re also considering the possibilities of expanding their product range with protein from invasive species like the Asian carp. It all sounds great, doesn’t it? Your dog will be able to eat healthy, eco-responsible and allergen-free treats. Disappointed cat owners, hold on tight because they plan on entering the cat market very soon!


Clara Leurent
Communication Clara Leurent

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