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Clara Leurent Clara Leurent June 7, 2019
We all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, too often, Quebeckers skip this morning meal before heading to school or work. But thankfully, Oatbox is here to save the day. They deliver organic products straight to your door!


Okay, so we’ll be honest, we love the concept. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a breakfast filled with unique flavours, produced by locals who have both our health and planet at heart? Behind this company are two e-commerce entrepreneurs, Marc-Antoine Beauvais and Pierre-Luc Laparé. Two guys that were simply frustrated by the fact that they could never find a tasty breakfast, especially cereal, that wasn’t packed with sugar (we get them). So they created Oatbox, a company that develops new recipes and flavours monthly, motivating us to happily eat the most important meal of the day.


Besides encouraging us to have breakfast, the company also takes us to one of Quebec’s most beautiful regions, Saguenay (not very far, but far enough!). Surrounded by scenic fjord landscapes, organic oats and rye are grown under the watchful eye of producers and delivered straight to our bowls. Without knowing, we’re also visiting our region’s gardens and fields, since that’s where Miel d’Anicet’s bees can be seen foraging, providing Oatbox with organic honey. We really do love the concept!


Always thinking outside the box, Oatbox does not supply supermarkets. They deliver straight to your door or office to fully encourage breakfast consumption. Actually, this is exactly what a local, non-conventional technology company bet on. Over 50% of their employees said they skipped breakfast altogether, so they decided to offer them free Oatbox breakfasts. They apparently won the bet. Employees are now more productive, morning meetings are scheduled earlier (maybe it works a little too well…?), and it’s even a recruitment incentive! In short, Oatbox works.


“We want to change breakfast statistics, regardless of social class.”


So far, we’ve seen how the company likes to use a start-to-finish approach. This is why they proudly support the Breakfast Club of Canada by donating a complete breakfast for every subscription purchase, helping children in need have access to a nutritious morning meal. This adds another beautiful dimension to an already unique concept. From the crops to our plates, and those of children, to the benefits of organic food and the fact that they support local businesses, Oatbox fills our cereal bowls, and our hearts.

Clara Leurent
Communication Clara Leurent

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