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Clara Leurent Clara Leurent June 5, 2019

When we think about impact, whether positive or negative, we immediately think of social and environmental issues. But there’s a different kind of impact, one that’s more subtle, more indirect. An impact that greases the wheels of law so that they can turn better. This is exactly what the Institut du Nouveau Monde does. Some 25 individuals founded this NPO about 15 years ago because they felt change was necessary in the way democracy was organized. Thus, today, their mission is to encourage citizen participation, leading collective reflection and public debate towards beneficial societal choices (power to the people!✊). Now, that’s a great idea! It’s true that, sometimes, those elected to represent us seem to live in a parallel world (we’re being polite). So, we tip our hat to an initiative like the Institut du Nouveau Monde (or the INM)!


Not only do they organize public forums, workshops and general publications on issues such as education, the territory, social inclusion and health, but they also promote open citizen participation among democratic institutions. Two missions that complement each other. On either side, the INM helps by creating a forum for discussion that increases trust and strengthens our social relationship with democratic institutions. We could not agree more with the need for such an organization. No, really!


“It can lead to reduced funding, but we rigorously apply the principles we stand for.”


Fuelled by their commitment to helping citizens change society and take control of their future, and motivated by their ability to influence public discussions when accompanying decision makers during dialogues, the INM won’t stop until citizen participation becomes a democratic instinct. As they say, “We’ll continue until we can shout, ‘Mission accomplished!’” In the meantime, we’re proud to stand by them and raise the flag of change.

Clara Leurent
Communication Clara Leurent

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