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Clara Leurent Clara Leurent June 5, 2019

The Millennial Generation, the most connected generation of all time, has gotten used to creating and developing tools to transform the world it was given. It’s therefore normal for millennials to analyze everything, in hopes of making a difference. On their end, Théo Corboliou and Guillaume Campeau, the brains behind Give-a-Seat, discovered an untapped idea: empty seats during events. Huh? Surprising, we know, but these guys really created a far-reaching mechanism for positive impact.


Ok, but how does it work? Well, the company gives event organizers the opportunity to get involved with good causes by donating tickets to Give-a-Seat, which then sells them at half price. A beautiful 80% of sales are then donated to a charity chosen by the donor, on their behalf. Clever, right? This therefore creates complementary income for charities that often really need it, in addition to offering low-cost tickets to a population that can’t necessarily afford them (💜). So event organizers are happy to make a positive impact, while presenting their events to a new audience. Like the team behind the popular Piknic Électronik, who regularly donates tickets to Give-a-Seat to reduce the carbon footprint of many international guest artists. The money raised through ticket sales is given back to an organization that plants trees. Today, we can thank Give-a-Seat and their partners for their role in planting a small 300-tree forest, distributing nearly 10,000 breakfasts to students in need, and funding 57 hours of research to fight breast cancer (standing ovation). And it’s only the beginning for a company that only blew its first candle!


As Théo likes to say, Give-a-Seat doesn’t sell tickets, we make the world a better place by selling tickets. That’s what’s beautiful about the technological era we live in. It allows us to dematerialize ourselves, creating bridges to instantly give back to the world. If you need us, we’ll be getting comfortable in our seats, preparing to watch Give-a-Seat’s interactive show on simplified philanthropy 2.0 ... a show that won’t be ending anytime soon. Do you have your tickets?

Clara Leurent
Communication Clara Leurent

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