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François Le Bel François Le Bel Sept. 19, 2018

Nicolas Hulot, France’s Environment Minister, resigned only a few weeks ago calling an urgent need for action. Speaking out, discussing, debating is simply not enough anymore. We need to take action in order to put a halt to climate change, preserve our biodiversity, reduce inequalities and fight the major challenges our society faces today. These ideals have been at the very heart of political progressive forces in Europe and America, for the past 40 years. Yet, they fail to grow in popularity among those who rule us.


Fortunately, faced with political inaction, the business community has seen a new wave of entrepreneurs emerge, and they are taking charge. How? By being imaginative and forward-thinking. They are starting businesses that are not only responsible, but sustainable too. They are creating a real positive impact on the environment and our society. Standing next to them, is a considerable movement of committed citizens, ready to support them. How do we provide this great progressive alliance with power and a voice? By giving it a place where its actors of change can meet, cooperate and grow together.


impak Finance is capitalism’s Trojan horse. We work within the system so we can bring together the progressive minds that work hard for an equitable and sustainable future. Together, with those actors of tomorrow, we build an ecosystem that fosters the growth of impact businesses.


We created the impak app, which offers access to a marketplace consisting exclusively of responsible consumers and impact businesses, who deal and are rewarded in impak Coins. Our marketplace not only rewards transactions between consumers, but also between businesses themselves. This way, the money really only benefits actors of change within impak, fulfilling a much larger purpose than financial profit. However, our ambition doesn’t stop at facilitating responsible consumption. Our project on the long run is to build an impact economy based on a complete collaborative financial ecosystem: investments, banking services, insurance, etc.


Our adventure began in Canada, 2 years ago, with the tremendous success of our crowdfunding campaign and our first ICO (1.6M MPKs, in sept. 2017). Our ICO is the first one to have received the go-ahead by competent authorities. Even within the newest, most recent area of crypto-currencies, impak has broken new ground by introducing new and safe practices. Thus, impak broke with past practices of ICOs and chose to protect its investors, long before the bill Pacte suggested the adoption of a regulatory framework for ICOs.


2018 marks the beginning of our european adventure: Didier Khun, co-founder of Blablacar, the French car-sharing company, has joined our board of administrators, and impak recently signed a partnership with Sigma Gestion, for the creation of impact investment funds. We are therefore ready to launch our european ICO, in October. It will be our second issuance of impak Coins, the crypto-currency that will soon be put into circulation within our impak marketplace.

Impak Finance is arriving to France, humbly and properly, to change the world. Will you contribute?

François Le Bel
Bâtisseur de capital d'impak François Le Bel

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