Creating a Positive Impact for the Holidays

Hugo Allain Hugo Allain Dec. 10, 2018

Winter is here and the holidays are fast approaching! However, each year, the holiday season is often synonymous with waste and overconsumption.


It’s estimated that an average person will produce 26 kg of CO2 from the food they consume during this period. If we add excessive decorative lighting, long-distance travel and gifts to the mix, we end up with up to 12 times more CO2 emissions! Eliminating our carbon footprint is obviously impossible, but we can still reduce it by using a bit of common sense.


Here’s a list of tips that will impress your loved ones and help you end the year on an eco-friendly, “generously minimalist” note. Family comes first this time of year, and so does creating holiday magic and lasting memories!


The Christmas debate normally begins with the following question: Real vs. artificial trees, which is the greener choice?


The environmental impact of an artificial tree is only lower than that of a real tree if you use the artificial tree for a minimum of 20 years, which is far from reality (6 years on average). In addition, recycling artificial trees is more complex, and their carbon footprint is 3 times greater than that of real trees. DIY (“Do it yourself”) Christmas trees are always an option, and for that several creative ideas exist.


And now, let’s get straight to the point: presents!


Why not make them ourselves? It’s a popular and economical solution that easily warms anyone’s heart: “For you, from me, created by me!” All you need to do is search the Internet for DIY ideas!


Body products are ecological and practical. For example, Bkind is a Montréal-based company that offers natural and vegan body products, as well as eco-friendly beauty accessories. Or, Etymologie, a company that produces high-performance skincare products using entirely natural and sustainably sourced ingredients.


For home decorations, we have L'Empreinte Coopérative. This boutique houses an impressive variety of handcrafted creations from over 100 artists and artisans all over Quebec (jewelry, fashion goods, games, ceramic, table art).


Or, why not get outside and experience the joys of winter on one of Rando-Québec's snowshoeing trails? An ecological and relaxing activity for all ages. It’s a real winter treat!


Clothing is always a popular gift choice, and again, great options exist. Oraki and Rose Buddha offer eco-responsible yoga wear for women, made with post-consumer recycled goods. There’s also Tentree, a brand that plants 10 trees for every item purchased, or even Rennaissance, an organization that recycles goods and reintegrates people into the workforce. You’ll also find the best bargains there!


And finally, dinner. A time of celebration where we all sit around a table filled with quality local, seasonal and organic products. To find them, stay local! And for that, your market of producers remain an unbeatable option. After the meal come the dishes… Baleco to the rescue! They offer super effective, eco-friendly cleaning products.


But let’s focus on what’s most important!


Spreading holiday magic and creating lasting memories with family and friends. Owning the latest tablet will never replace the joy of spending time with loved ones. In fact, it only favours isolation and leads to social and environmental problems. Instead, let us focus on quality, not quantity. Let us focus on human interaction and holiday gifts that make a positive impact (social, environmental and even emotional!).


The entire impak team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year.


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Hugo Allain
Community Manager Hugo Allain

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