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Diana Vlasie Diana Vlasie March 9, 2018

Let’s build the impact economy together. Sign up and submit socially responsible businesses. Plus, we’re rewarding you with 10 impak Coins for your good deed. #freemoney

You looove your neighborhood zero waste grocery store? You’re crazy about the tiny boutique that sells local designer clothes? You can’t live without the coffee shop that provides your much needed dose of extra foam fair trade chai latte in the morning? Turn your love into impact.

But enough with the cheesy lines, you’ll say! Just tell me how to do it!

2 simple steps to get into impak Eco

  1. If you haven’t already, create your impak account. It only takes a minute and you will get 10 impak Coins (MPK) just for doing it. #freemoney
  2. Submit environmental and socially responsible businesses. Once again, it takes less than a minute and after the submitted impact business registers on impak Eco, you will see 10 MPK appear in your impak account. Keep in mind that we will verify that the submitted business really does have a positive social impact.

There’s no limit to the number of impact businesses that you can submit. But hurry up! The onboarding campaign won’t last forever and most importantly, in order to earn impak Coins, you must be the first one to submit the name of a business.

Not too complicated, right? Little effort and almost immediate rewards. But above all – in the long run – a chance of being a part of a tribe that will be a force for change, an impact tribe.

Together we can transform the economy and encourage businesses that share OUR values.

Discover the impak Eco universe

Our new marketplace is online. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do, because we created it with you in mind. We want it to become your place.

impak Eco’s next big step will allow impact businesses to register. For you, this will be the moment when you will start seeing your rewards pile up.

This is only the beginning of the impact path.

Today, it’s time to act. Make us hear your impact voice.

Diana Vlasie
Diana Vlasie

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