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A marketplace for socially responsible businesses

impak is THE marketplace for socially responsible businesses.

Today, we all are contributing to its creation. You, your business, your suppliers, and your clients. #impaktribe

Available soon - the impak wallet business version

The retail services app that makes your responsible consumption easy and rewarding.

It gives you access to a growing tribe with an increasing purchasing power and offers transaction fees 2 to 3 times cheaper than traditional payment methods.

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An impact business

Say what!?

Fighting social or environmental problems is the core of an impact business.

2 scenarios

1 - Its services or products are directly related to the problem it’s trying to eliminate.

2 - Its services or products are unrelated with the problem it tries to solve, yet it’s still fighting for social or environmental causes.

To be won
- 6 grants worth a total of 60 000 impak Coins (MPK)

3 B2B winners + 3 B2C winners

impak selection criteria

  • Number of votes from the impak tribe
  • Number of suppliers on impak
  • impak profile*

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* Our impak profile is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Impact Management Project’s notions. It helps measure your business’ positive impact and gives you visibility.

Enter the world of impak

The impact market represents 10% of the total market. To give you an idea, in Canada, this means almost $ 4 billion. Tens of thousands of impakters committed to make their money do good by solving issues that matter to them.

Make yourself known to all these clients ready to use their money thanks to the impak wallet, and create lasting relationships.

And it’s only the beginning!

Be a part of our growing tribe with a constantly increasing purchasing power. You’re only a few clicks away from this new world.

Join the impak tribe. It’s free for impact businesses.

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impak is your business life only better

You will soon have access to retail services that make life easier for your business. You will be able to enjoy greater visibility in a community that believes in the importance of impact.

Cheaper transactions everywhere

  • Multicurrency
  • Free loyalty program
  • Discounts if you have impact suppliers

Sales, customers, impact

Keep an eye on everything that counts without having to count.

Discover impak’s business world

  • Increased visibility
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Personalized suggestions
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