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Yup, the new impact cryptocurrency!

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Earn 10 impak Coins for every submitted business that registers on impak Eco. Share your favourites with us and turn your love into impak.

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impak is your life, only better

The impak e-wallet lets you live your everyday life, while helping you make better choices. You will also get access to a ton of responsible merchants at your fingertips.


  • Pay everywhere (we believe in sharing the love, we’re not the jealous type)
  • In money or crypto
  • Get MPK rewards each time you choose an impak business
  • And say bye bye to fees (forever and ever, pinky swear!)

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An impact business

Say what!?

Fighting social or environmental problems is the core of an impact business.

2 scenarios

1 - Its services or products are directly related to the problem it’s trying to eliminate.

2 - Its services or products are unrelated with the problem it tries to solve, yet it’s still fighting for social or environmental causes.

ImpakCoin leaf

impak Coin (MPK) life

Each time you make a purchase from a business on impak Eco, you participate in the impact economy and you get rewarded in MPK. Live life according to your values and support impact merchants.

Whether it’s for

your morning coffee
your commute
your weekly groceries
your nights out
your holidays
your clothes, books, deco or high-tech gadgets
Everything, basically!

The MPK life is rewarding, simple, and does good.

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